A bust nose, grazed knee or sliced finger can leave you in need of some extra TLC. The same goes for your carpet. Blood stains can be among the hardest to remove, leaving behind sinister, unsightly dark splotches.

Fortunately, we are here to help prevent carpets being permanently scarred, with our handy guide to removing blood from your carpet.

Act fast

The quicker you can get to work cleaning up blood, the better it will be for your carpet. Of course, we understand that when accidents happen, cleaning up the mess is often the last thing on your mind. But as soon as you can tackle the stain, get to work to prevent further damage.

Choose your solution wisely

When tackling blood stains, it’s important to use cold water. Warm or hot water can coagulate with the blood, making it much more difficult to clean, while cold water prevents the blood from soaking further into the carpet. A simple solution of cold water and dish soap should do the trick.

Get to work

Once you’ve prepped your solution, you can start to spray the stain directly, soaking the area thoroughly. Then, begin to dab – not rub! – the stain with a dry clean cloth or paper towel, transferring the blood from the carpet to the cloth. Rinse with cold water and repeat if needed.

Rinse & repeat

If the dish soap solution doesn’t cut it, try repeating the process with a cold water and ammonia solution. Using a highly diluted ammonia solution, sponge the liquid onto the stain before blotting dry. Rinse the area thoroughly with cold water and repeat until the stain has been removed.

Persistence is key

Just like with all carpet cleaning hacks, you can’t expect it to work first time, every time. Blood stains can be stubborn and may take a few tries to look as good as new. Keep repeating each step until the stain has been removed, using a combination of solutions if necessary.

Call a professional

If you’ve tried every step, multiple times, and the stain is still noticeable, it may be time to call it a day and give the professionals a call. At Clean & Dry Doncaster, we have over 30 years’ experience removing tough stains. Give our carpet cleaning service a go to leave your home looking and feeling like new.