Yes, We’re Still Open for Rug Cleaning & Disinfecting, Collected and Delivered Free Of Charge…

The above picture shows the grit and dust we removed from the rug you can see in the picture before we even started cleaning.

Rug Cleaning & Disinfecting Service in Doncaster

Following my previous post to let you know what we were, and weren’t cleaning during the Coronavirus situation I had a flood of enquires from people asking if we were still collecting and cleaning rugs as we could social distance and all be safe. Apparently, as people have been doing general cleaning they have been moving their rugs and realised how bad they smell, or how grubby they looked.

We’ve shuffled the workshop around so that we can still effectively clean your rugs AND social distance as a team, so everyone here is safe. As we don’t need to come fully into your home when we collect and return your rugs it’s easy to maintain social distancing there too.

We’ve had great feedback from those clients who called, so I thought I’d offer it to everyone we know, with the same special offer of free virucide treatment included.

How does it work?

If you’ve had a rug cleaned before we will have the details on file and can quote a price, apply the offer and arrange collection if you want to go ahead.

If you’ve never had us clean your rugs please call and we’ll ask you to describe it. We’ll ask a few simple questions, which may be answered if you look at the label on the back of the rug:

  1. What size is it? we can work with metric or ‘old money’ imperial, don’t worry.
  2. Is it wool or synthetic, eg polypropylene, often described on the label. Again don’t worry if you’re not sure, we can confirm on collection.
  3. Are there any fringes/tassels on the shorter ends, or all the way around if it’s circular.
  4. Where did you buy it, this often gives us an idea of the style of rug.

You can of course always take a picture of the rug, front and back, including the label, and email them in reply to this email, and include the size.

We give you a quote and you decide if you want to go ahead, no pressure and you can call us back, we don’t expect an instant answer to go ahead.

If you want to go ahead we agree a collection day and approximate time slot.

We call you when we’re 10-20 minutes away so you can have the rug rolled up and ready inside your front door, or we can collect from a porch or garage if you prefer. We may be able to roll the rug up for you if we can social distance whilst doing so.

As we arrive we will knock on the door and step back to allow you to open the door and observe social distancing. We will sanitise our hands with a virucide.

We’ll come in just far enough to pick the rug up and take it to our van. Then we’ll use our bacterial & virucide spray and paper towels to “touchpoint clean” any areas we may have touched, such as the door, door frame and door handle, just for your extra peace of mind.

We’ll pamper your rug in our workshop through the full process:

  • Use our specialist rug beater to remove the grit and heavy soil, and then thoroughly vacuumed with a commercial cleaner.
  • Prespray with virucide disinfectant.
  • Agitate with a soft brush and allow dwell time.
  • Thoroughly deep wet clean, including full immersion if required.
  • Spot clean stains where required.
  • Additional rinse process to ensure no residues are left behind.
  • Treat any fringes to prevent browning as they dry.
  • Vacuum extract the rinse solutions.
  • Inspection part one.
  • Apply virucide post-treatment, which has some residual ‘kill’ element but is perfectly safe for you.
  • Hang to dry, or block out if required, in our temperature and humidity-controlled drying room.
  • Inspect and layout to thoroughly vacuum again.
  • Reclean if required and repeat the process.
  • Bag up in a tough, clear polythene tube to protect your rug.
  • Call you to confirm a day to return it.
  • Call when we’re 10-20 minutes away.
  • Knock on your door and return to the van to pick up your rug.
  • If you’ve opened the door and stepped back we’ll pop the rug into your hallway, or your porch or garage if you prefer.
  • ‘Touchpoint clean as we did when we collected.
  • Ask you to pay using a credit or debit card using our machine which we will disinfect in front of you.

Everyone wins, I stay a little busier during the ‘lockdown’ and you can get cleaner and brighter rugs that have been cleaned and disinfected with a Log kill 6 virucide, that’s medical grade 99.9999% disinfection, the best you can get.

The special offer is FREE virucide treatment, plus, spend over £65 on rug cleaning and I’ll give you a free 500ml bottle of our Bacteria & Virucide eliminator, normally £9.99.

We’d love to hear from you, so please take a look at your rug and see if it would benefit from some TLC in our rug pampering workshop. Feel free to call us on 01302 230685 at any time, as calls are diverted to my home during the ‘lockdown’.

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Written by Allan Simmons

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