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Meet our expert team of Senior Technicians, Support Staff and
DFPWATF’s (Dead Friendly People Who Answer The Phone).

Mary Simmons
DFPWATF in Chief
Mary won't mind me saying (because she's my mother) that she's considered the 'Martiark' of the business.  Having always had an interest in the business she joined us on a full time basis when she 'retired'.  Mary answers incoming calls and overseas our office generally.  If you call out of hours and we're out busy cleaning commercial premises it will usually be Mary who is on duty with the phones.  Mary is definitely a Green Tea lover, Pineapple and Grapefruit preferably.
Janet Askey
Janet is probably one the first voices you'll hear.  She has a vast knowledge of business administration so keeps us all on our toes with our paperwork and systems, from booking the quotations through to job satisfaction surveys and much more .  From a Blue Chip background Janet moved into the area and now lives just a 15 minutes walk from our office.  She says she enjoys working as part of our small local team and has become 'part of the family'.  Janet prefers Coffee and can take or leave a sweetner.
Kevin Waters
Senior Technician aka 'The Quote Man'
Kevin has been with us for almost 20 years and has a vast knowledge of carpets, rugs, upholstery and all relate soft furnishings.  Starting as our very first Technician all those years ago Kevin has always been keen to learn new things and take on challenges thrown at him.  Because of his knowledge and experience Kevin does most of our Domestic quotations these days, so you can be sure he'll give you an honest opinion of how well your items will clean.  All but 'retired' from cleaning he still has a few older customers who won't have anyone but Kevin, who first cleaned for them almost twenty years ago.  Kevin looks after himself, and drinks hot water, in preference to tea and coffee.
Wayne Quidington
Senior Technician
'A workhorse' is how one of Wayne's regular clients describes him.  Wayne is like those Duracell bunnies, never stops.  He has many clients who ask for him by name every time they call.  Trained also to refit carpets, and drive the workshop fork lift he has skills beyond his cleaning qualifications.  Great things do come in small packages.  Wayne is definitely a coffee and one sugar man, but might forget to stop and lets it go cold.  Make sure he stops to drink it.
Pete Dorans
Senior Technician
One of our longer standing Techies.  Pete is asked for time and time again, especially by our older clients who he's worked for over the years.  'Steady away' is how one describes him.  Definitely won't like me sharing much more than that though, so just to say Pete prefers Tea, one sugar, and the odd biscuit, or two.
Matt Harbin
Senior Technician
Another long serving member of the team who's frequently requested as the clients preferred technician.  As Matt is into his rock music we've sent him to some famous musicians houses over the years, and always allowed a little extra time for a chat.  He claims he plays guitar himself, but I've never heard him.  We've only ever seen him play the air guitar in our workshop.  A Coffee, two sugars guy, with a penchant for chocolate biscuits, lock them up.
Pete Davies
Senior Technician
Although the newest member of our team Pete has quickly established his own clients who ask for him time and time again.  His background in engineering has come in handy in our workshop.  "Very conscientious" is the phrase most commonly seen on Pete's questionnaires.  Pete drinks Coffee, one sugar.