This is the ultimate in carpet maintenance

It suitable for you...

If you have allergies you'll benefit by applying Chemspec's Formula 429.
At 'The Cleaning Show' Formula 429 was awarded the Innovation Award 2011 in the category of Healthcare Cleaning Product / Service. This Award relates to the vital requirement for an effective procedure to significantly reduce the incidence of Healthcare Associated Infections.  We regularly use this in health care environments to help them reach their Care Quality Commission requirements for infection control.  You can have the same quality sanitiser applied to your carpeting to reach those same standards.  Once we've cleaned it's safe for pets and children too.
If you have Asthma you'll benefit more from our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen treatment.
Studies have show that the allergen Derp1 is found in the droppings of the dust mites that are found in their millions in every home.  This allergen has been shown to contribute to triggering Asthma.
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What we do for you...

We'll pre-spray your carpets with the Formula 429 Sanitiser OR our exclusive Dust Mite Anti-Allergen product, it depends on your needs.
You'll get the same thoroughly deep clean service on your carpets so you enjoy cleaner, brighter and soft feeling carpets again.
We'll apply our exclusive Texatherm Protector, or WoolSafe Approved Wool Protectant, to give your carpets extra protection from dry soiling and accidental spillages.  This means your valuable carpet will vacuum easier, so will stay cleaner longer and last longer too, PLUS you'll have improved stain resistance.

How we do it...

  • Cover with dust sheets any areas we're not cleaning that we'll need to walk over.  We'll also use cover shoes whilst in your home.
  • Move light/medium furniture with care, you don't have to empty the room.
  • Thoroughly vacuum & pre-treat spills, spots & stains where necessary.
  • Sanitise with Formula 429 or Anti-Allergen Treatment, as required.
  • Deep extraction clean using our exclusive Texatherm combination clean process to scrub deep into the fibre without risking shrinkage.
  • APPLY our Protection Treatment, including using a WoolSafe approved product on Wool carpets.
  • Buff the carpet to remove soil that extraction alone can't, this also speeds up the drying even more.
  • Re-vacuum to remove 'fluff' and groom the carpet to stand the pile up correctly, again helping speed drying and the overall appearance.
  • Finishing Touches, such as wiping down the skirting boards & doorbars.
  • Inspect the carpet with you to ensure you're 100% delighted with the result.
  • Leave you with a questionnaire and a FREEPOST envelope to send it back in.  We love to know what you think about our service and cleaning.  Please be candid with your comments and all our work is covered by our No Quibble money back guarantee.  If you're not genuinely satisfied with something we do PLEASE TELL US.  We will put it right or refund your money, No Quibble!

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