How to Make the Holidays Stress Free for Pets and What if…

Make the Holidays fun for your pets too… Increased visitors, unexpected guests and a change to the normal routine over the hectic holiday season can change a pet’s normal routine and increase their stress level. For a pet that’s used to following a regular routine, the holidays can become a very stressful time. Unfortunately for homeowners, […]

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Allan Simmons

Meet the Team…

Meet our team of Senior Technicians and DFPWATF’s (Dead Friendly People Who Answer The Phone). When you choose who you want to carry out work in your home or workplace you will definitely want to know a little bit more about their people before you make your choice – and it’s always nice to put a […]

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Rogue Traders Report on Carpet Cleaners Bait & Switch Tactics

BBC’s Rogue Traders exposed what some carpet cleaning companies are up to… It’s a tactic known as ‘Bait & Switch’ and is now illegal, but there are still companies out there ‘at it’. Here’s the clip from the TV programme… You can be sure we’ll not use this tactic and for your Peace of Mind […]

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We're Full Members of the NCCA, But Why Should You Care?…

Protect yourself from cowboys – always ask for a cleaners NCCA accreditation… Established in 1968, the National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only independent UK trade body dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard flooring, upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings. It’s nationally recognised by the government, media and the carpet and furnishing  industry as […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Alleviate Allergies…

As the weather gets warmer and Spring settles in many people will start to snuffle and sneeze, trumpeting that allergy season is in full swing. The warmer weather is a welcome change from the chilly winter, but it also brings a wide variety of allergens like pollen, which can find its way into carpets and upholstery […]

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The logo for Trustmark Carpet & Upgolstery Cleaners Doncaster Clean and Dry

We've just achieved Trustmark Government Endorsed Standard…

So, what is Trustmark?   TrustMark is a not for profit organisation, licensed by Government and supported by consumer protection groups. Thanks to our team’s dedication and commitment to delivering consistent quality and reliability we’ve just had notification that we’ve been accepted into the Trustmark programme. The key thing is, unlike some other ‘pay to […]

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