This Package was developed at the request of clients who kept asking us to take away the hassle of remembering to organise cleaning. They asked if we could just contact them every year to tell them when we were coming. This Package gives you the most cost-effective and hassle-free way for you to enjoy cleaner, brighter and healthier carpets and furnishings all year round, year after year!

Who is it suitable for?

It’s been designed for busy people like you who recognise that carpet and fabric cleaning is an essential activity, but because of busy lifestyles, you just don’t have time to think about organising it. We often find that when previous clients call to book in again, what they thought was only last year that the items were cleaned, actually turns out to be two or three years ago, and they can’t believe it! That’s why, after consulting with clients, we’ve introduced this Perfect Care Plan. So, if you want someone to keep your carpets and furnishings looking their best all year round, AND, have someone on call for specialist stain removal, PLUS, spread the cost over the course of the year then this Perfect Care Plan is perfect for you.

What do you get & How does it work?

Our ‘Clean & Protect’ or ‘Healthy Home’ Service level for your Carpets, and/or upholstery. Plus some extras…

  • Initial, no obligation visit to inspect the areas and discuss your needs
  • A fully inclusive Fixed Price quotation, no hidden extras, and no pressure
  • 50% OFF your initial cleaning visit*
  • Initial FREE Large bottle of our Spot Remover, Worth £9.99
  • FREE spot removal call-outs*
  • Small monthly fee, NO BIG one-off bill
  • FREE ‘Hi-Lite’ Clean after six months, we remind you*
  • Annual clean at whatever initial service level you chose, we’ll remind you
  • So, that’s a FREE ‘Hi-Lite’ Clean every six months in between your Annual deep clean, for one small monthly fee.*

Please tell us if you’re interested in this package when you call for a free, no obligation quotation.

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