Rug Cleaning

Revive your rug in our dedicated Rug Spa facility.

Extend the life of your beautiful rugs and create a healthier environment for you and
your family to enjoy with our expert rug cleaning process.
We're not the cheapest rug cleaner, but nobody else in the area cleans rugs like we do, guaranteed!

We are a local Doncaster rug cleaner with over 34 years experience

For your Peace of Mind we are the acknowledged authority on Rug Cleaning in Doncaster. With 34 years of Rug Cleaning experience and our total devotion to delighting you, our client, this means we guarantee to:

  • Treat your home with respect.
  • Give you Fabulous Rug Cleaning that Stays Cleaner Longer.
  • Lovingly move your furniture and put it back when we’re finished.
  • Extend the life of your rugs.
  • Kill the breeding bugs that are lurking deep down in your rug.
  • Give you a dryer, faster and healthier rug cleaning process.
  • Leave your rug Pet and Baby safe for your peace of mind.
  • Read more about how we can deal with your rugs during the Coronavirus situation here.
Making Homes & Offices
Cleaner in Doncaster since 1988


Meet Clean & Dry Owner Allan Simmons Jnr.
& his team of professional, fully trained
cleaning technicians.
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Restore Your Rugs

Read more about how we deal with your rugs during the Coronavirus situation here.

We can thoroughly deep clean and freshen your dirty rugs, leaving them revitalised and sparkling.

We will make sure your rug is cleaned thoroughly in a way that doesn't cause it any damage. We will only use cleaning products which we've tested to be safe for your type of rug fibre content.  This includes using WoolSafe approved products for maximum care.

Our Rug Cleaning Process gets YOUR Rug Cleaner...

Virtually all rugs are cleaned in our custom rug cleaning spa.  As we're going to clean it fully, and correctly, we can't clean them as effectively if we do it in your home.  We're one of only a handful of cleaners in the UK who have a dedicated facility to clean rugs, as opposed to 'their garage', which is where most carpet cleaners clean their rugs.  We have over  1100sq ft of space dedicated to the proper rug cleaning, drying and storage of your rug whilst it's in our care.  We've invested in some of the most advanced equipment available to ensure we do the best job possible, as safely as possible.  We like to have your rug for 5-7 working days, but for urgent requests can turn them around in two days.

Benefits of Our Doncaster Rug Cleaning...

We're local Doncaster based expert Rug Cleaners and one of the few specialists in the UK who offer you all these benefits

  • The richness of bright, vibrant colours restored
  • Embedded coarse grit removed with a 'dusting' machine, extending the life of your rug
  • Deep down cleaning, not just a cheap surface clean and the soil trample back up
  • Flattened Pile lifted, enhancing the texture and appearance of your rug
  • Pet urine odours completely removed - guaranteed
  • Protection treatment to help resist future staining and soiling
  • Safe for Children and Pets to crawl on
  • Off-site cleaning for your convenience
  • Pick up and delivery service, or, by appointment drop off and collect yourself
  • Suitable for virtually all types of rugs
  • Optional Anti-Allergen Treatment for Asthma sufferers

Our Recent Doncaster Rug Cleaning Reviews

View all of our latest reviews in your local area.  We only show those where the client has given us permission.
Please use the map to zoom in and find rug cleaning reviews near you. Or you can scroll through all of our reviews in the box below.

5/5  ·  6th February 2024 by of DONCASTER, Blaxton
Friendly service, punctual, excellent customer service. We will not go anywhere else now.
5/5  ·  1st December 2023 by of DONCASTER, Campsall
Ring Clean&Dry, very good service.
5/5  ·  22nd November 2023 by of DONCASTER, Thorne
What I'd say to someone unsure about using you is "Try you. Highly Recommended."
5/5  ·  22nd November 2023 by of DONCASTER, Moorends
My carpet and rug look like new.
5/5  ·  13th November 2023 by of DONCASTER, Thorne
10 out of 10
5/5  ·  3rd November 2023 by of DONCASTER, Tickhill
Top class. Nothing to improve it was all good.
5/5  ·  19th October 2023 by of DONCASTER
Absolutely first class service.
5/5  ·  21st July 2023 by of DONCASTER, Bawtry
Excellent service all rund. Excellent customer service and brilliant job completed. Thank you so much.
5/5  ·  24th November 2022 by of DONCASTER, Kirk Sandall
Let them see my rug which looks like new.
5/5  ·  19th October 2022 by of DONCASTER, Bessacarr
Very helpful with any questions.
5/5  ·  19th October 2022 by of DONCASTER, Besscarr
Listen to someone who has used Clean & Dry. Check comments on their web site. This company delivers as it says it will.
5/5  ·  18th October 2022 by of DONCASTER, Adwick-le-street
Always so clean and fresh.
5/5  ·  6th October 2022 by of DONCASTER, Cantley
I would resmend them for good servoce now and previously.
5/5  ·  14th December 2021 by of DONCASTER, Austerfield
Excellent like new. Well worth the expense.
5/5  ·  15th November 2021 by of DONCASTER, Sprotbrough
Good service and results.
5/5  ·  5th November 2021 by of DONCASTER, Armthorpe
Excellent service all round. Would certain use againwhen necessary. Well done.
5/5  ·  2nd November 2021 by of DONCASTER, Adwick-le-street
Good service. I would not go anywhere else.
5/5  ·  16th October 2021 by of DONCASTER, Scawthorpe
Staff friendly and very helpful. Excellent work Wayne. Very pleased with your service. Would recommend you to family and friends.
5/5  ·  17th September 2021 by of DONCASTER, Bessacarr
Everything was fine. I have used your service before.
5/5  ·  2nd September 2021 by of DONCASTER, Low Road
All good. Recommendation.
4.5/5  ·  26th May 2021 by of DONCASTER, Cantley
Very satisfied customer.
5/5  ·  29th April 2021 by of DONCASTER, Conisbrough
Very polite and helpful. I will call you.
5/5  ·  15th April 2021 by of DONCASTER
As always, a top class service. Many thanks and best wishes.
5/5  ·  9th February 2021 by of DONCASTER, Wheatley
A friendly and professional service as always helpful and polite,
5/5  ·  9th February 2021 by of Doncaster, Kirk Sandall
The rug was like brand new and smelled lovely and fresh. Will definately use the services again. Thank you.
5/5  ·  14th January 2021 by of DONCASTER, Adwick-le-street
I have used you before and 100% satisfied.
5/5  ·  1st December 2020 by of DONCASTER, Armthorpe
Professional service. Prompt friendly serviceman. Excellent result.
5/5  ·  10th September 2020 by of Doncaster, Epworth
So tired of people not doing what they claim or being exhorbatant pricing. You are like a breath of fresh air. So impressed with every aspect of your service. Will defo use again. Thank you.
5/5  ·  11th August 2020 by of DONCASTER, Bessacarr
An excellent job well carried out.
5/5  ·  21st February 2020 by of DONCASTER, Intake
Just to say we were totallyt satisfied with your service and the rug looks like new.
5/5  ·  12th February 2020 by of DONCASTER, Tickhill
We are delighted with the finished product.
5/5  ·  26th June 2018 by of DONCASTER, Bawtry
Good - efficient service. What more do we need.
5/5  ·  18th January 2018 by of DONCASTER, Tickhill
Have used previously. Very efficient serviceman. A perfect job. Thank you.
5/5  ·  30th August 2017 by of DONCASTER, Conisbrough
Excellent service. My sofas and rug looked almost brand new. My rug was returned after only 4 days and was as soft as a new carpet. I wouldn't hesitae in recommending you.
5/5  ·  15th August 2017 by of DONCASTER, Bennetthorpe
Excellent service, personell - everything.
5/5  ·  27th April 2017 by of Doncaster, Haxey
Saved me a fortune not having to purchase a new suite.
4/5  ·  22nd November 2016 by of DONCASTER, Barnby Dun
Great service.
5/5  ·  15th March 2016 by of DONCASTER, Edlington
I had a rug cleaned, I like the finish, it is just like new. I am very happy with the service and the results are amazing.
5/5  ·  11th March 2016 by of Doncaster, Burghwallis
Over 20 years since first time and still as good as ever. Can you improve on perfection?
4.5/5  ·  13th August 2014 by of Doncaster, Skellow
Both your representatives were pleasant, helpful and on time. The young man who did the actual cleaning worked extremely hard. I am delighted with the result
4/5  ·  14th July 2014 by of DONCASTER, Tickhill
You are well known and I have used you previously. Well established company. Very efficient serviceman and courteous.
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Our Promise To You

Minimum Disruption

Hassle free, quick, efficient cleaning. Most carpets are dry in 1-2 hours, so your rooms are back in use after a couple of hours, not days. You can then sit back and enjoy the results.

Great Value

We're definitely not the cheapest cleaners in Doncaster, but our clients tell us every day it was great value for money and worth every penny. Please see our recent reviews.

Money Back Guarantee

ALL our work is backed by our 100% NO QUIBBLE Guarantee. If you're genuinely not delighted with the end result, and we can't put things right, we'll refund every penny, NO QUIBBLE.

Fully DBS Checked Team

We work in 'sensitive' environments such as HM Prisons, Banks and other 'secure' organisations where full DBS and other vetting is compulsory. This gives you Peace of Mind that your home or office is safe.

Friendly Personal Service

We're all local people, we live in the local communities. There's no high pressure sales, we treat people how we'd like to be treated. All our team take a personal pride in a job well done.

We Move Furniture

All we ask is you move breakables from any items you want us to move. Items such as the suite and dining table we can move around in the room. You don't need to completely empty your room.

Choosing The Right Doncaster Rug Cleaner...

Before choosing a Doncaster rug cleaning company you need to consider the following:

Are they Local, Experienced and Accredited?

We’re a local family business, based in Doncaster and owned by Allan Simmons Jnr.  We've been in the industry since 1988.

We’re FULL members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association ‘NCCA’.Clean & Dry Doncaster Carpet Cleaner NCCA Member logo

This is the trade body for our industry and membership is by training and examination.  Both myself and ALL of the technicians are accredited with the NCCA and we don't use untrained family members or subcontractors.  All the work is done by myself or a directly employed, fully insured, and fully NCCA accredited technician.

As we're members of the NCCA you have the peace of mind that if there is a complaint or issue the NCCA can assist
you in Clean & Dry Doncaster Carpet Cleaner NCCA member certificateresolving your complaint, and, you have access to a pre-court Advance Dispute Resolution service via them should the worst happen.

You can see our certificate of membership alongside. Please ensure you see the certificate of any other company or individual claiming to be a member as it's not unknown for some to claim membership and not actually be members.  Please also check that it's an NCCA certified technician doing the work, and not just the 'owner' who is a member and they're using uncertified family as staff or worse, subcontractors.  Doing so is against NCCA rules as all technicians must also be certified by the NCCA.  It also happens I've been the elected President of the NCCA since 2017 and I love serving to help develop standards and best practices in the industry.




We're also members of The Approved Carpet Cleaner Alliance 'TACCA’.  This is an Alliance of cleaners who, whilstClean & Dry Doncaster Carpet Cleaner TACCA Member
not an association, share best practices, and hold an annual training event for cleaners to keep up to date with industry changes.




TrustMark Standards Logo of carpet cleaner Doncaster Clean & Dry member

Are they a Trustmark Government Endorsed Standards approved?

Unlike some other “pay and you’re in” ‘Rated Trader’ schemes Trustmark is a not-for-profit organisation endorsed by the government to protect standards.

They don’t make money from the traders who pay them to be endorsed, so they won’t just endorse almost anyone like some schemes, you can find out more here.


Do they have multiple cleaning methods and products?Clean & Dry Doncaster Carpet Cleaner Woolsafe Service Provider

Check they don’t only have one method of carpet cleaning or just one type of carpet cleaning product. We have a variety of carpet cleaning methods and carpet cleaning products to choose from, including ‘WoolSafe’ Approved products where needed.  No one process is perfect for every cleaning situation, that' s why we've invested in several methods to allow us to offer you the right solution for your needs.

PLUS, check they undertake regular update training.  Many cleaners do their initial training then never bother again as they “know it all and have done it for years!”.  We’re trained to the highest standards in the industry so you get peace of mind that we’ll provide the most appropriate method and product to meet your individual carpet cleaning needs. We also do annual update training with our suppliers as products and carpet fibres change.