Elegant, modern and beautifully sleek. Of course, we’re talking about Karndean flooring. If you’ve chosen these vinyl tiles in your home, the only thing you need to worry about is keeping them clean. But with shades ranging from neutral whites and soft nudes to contemporary patterns and bold blacks, it can be difficult to keep the stains away and the shine remaining…

Fortunately, with our complete guide to caring for Karndean flooring, we can help you make sure your floors never look tired and worn again.

Regular cleaning

Karndean floors have no grime and dirt traps, making them much easier to maintain. However, even with the advanced dirt-repelling material, you will still need to keep on top of cleaning. Karndean offers a range of cleaning supplies, perfect for frequent mopping, to keep your flooring looking as good as new.

Be sure to sweep and wipe up any messes as and when they happen too, to avoid ending up with any stains that will become more troublesome to remove.

Add doormats and rugs

Whether you install Karndean flooring in your living room, hallway or kitchen, preventing too much dirt and grime getting on the tiles is the best way to keep your floor looking pristine. Add a doormat to your room’s entrance or ask visitors to remove their shoes before entry to stop dirt and grime being brought in.

You can also add rugs at any high-traffic areas or beneath heavy furniture to prevent indentation and wear.

Extra care

Once or twice a year, you should treat your Karndean flooring to a complete refresh. Karndean supplies remove and refresh products, making it much easier to enhance your flooring, revitalise its appearance and boost its durability.

Remove the top layer of your flooring, before adding a Karndean Refresh layer to create a satin finish and protect it from marks and fine scratches.

Professional cleaning

Regular DIY cleaning and maintenance will keep your Karndean flooring looking good throughout the year. However, in the long term, it’s worth calling in a professional every year or so to keep your Karndean flooring looking as good as new.

Clean & Dry Doncaster offers a superior tile and stone floor cleaning service, protecting your floor and leaving it enviably shiny and clean.