Carpet Cleaner Doncaster Review...


"My carpets look as if they were brand new."


"Good customer service by the servicemen."


"I wouldn't  chose anyone else as I have 100% confidence that Clean and Dry will do an excellent job and my furnishings will be well looked after. Thanks again for all your help with arranging to clean our house before we moved in. It took all the stress and worry away. Thanks also to Janet and Mary for the help to set it all up. Thank you."


We've regularly visited Mrs Wright of Edenthorpe since 2001 and after carpet cleaning again recently Mrs Wright commented...

A regular customer for ten years - need I say more?

Thank you for your support for 10 years Mrs Wright.

Common Cleaning Misconception No.4


"Having the right equipment is all a company needs to clean my carpets and upholstery properly"

If this was true carpet cleaning would be very much a DIY task using hired equipment. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy. To clean carpets safely and effectively needs knowledge of the chemical and physical principles involved, together with some insight into fibre technology and carpet construction.
Make sure the cleaner you choose has had proper up to date training in cleaning technology and the equipment he is using.  All our technicians are trained to the highest standards in the industry and receive regular update training.

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Very nice comments made by Mr Langfield of Edenthorpe DN3.  We've worked for Mr Langfield since 2009 and again recently.

Excellent service, shame so few companies work to such standards of customer care.

When new client Mrs Wood of Edenthorpe used us recently she returned her questionnaire and had made the following comments...

My carpets look as if they were brand new.

Thank you Mrs Wood, we do try 🙂 Allan.

Mrs Wratten of Edenthorpe first used us in 2007 and after visiting again recently said...

Very prompt service, muuch appreciated on my special needs.  Very courteous young man.

Thanks for your custom Mrs Wratten

Mrs Wright of Edenthorpe has used us for years, since 2001.  Thank you Mrs Wright.  We visited again recently and this is what Mrs Wright put on her questionnaire...

A regular customer for ten years - need I say more?