If you’ve ever tried to deep clean your own carpets, you know just how hard and tiring it can be. Handling bulky equipment and scrubbing at tough stains by hand isn’t going to be beneficial for your back and never produces the best results.

That’s why a number of property owners turn to professionals when it comes to carpet cleaning. But, aside from saving you time and effort, what are the other benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner? Keep reading to find out.

1. Longer life expectancy

One of the key benefits of a professional carpet clean is that is can actually extend the life of your carpets. Over time, your carpet fibres naturally get clogged up with dirt, dust and allergens, which can cause the fibres to split and deteriorate. By regularly removing the dirt build up, your carpet will look newer for longer. A good carpet cleaner may also add an extra layer of protection onto your carpets after cleaning, preventing dirt and debris from getting to the fibres.

2. Tackles stains

Stains can be the bane of many homeowners’ lives. Drink spills, pet accidents and trodden in mud are all tough for regular stain removers to tackle. However, a professional cleaner will have the expertise, knowledge and equipment necessary to remove even the toughest stains. Wave goodbye to the days of hiding ugly stains with bulky furniture or rugs and welcome guests with pride to your clean, fresh and stain-free home.

3. Health benefits

Dust and allergens that get trapped in carpet fibres can easily make their way into the air, causing respiratory problems for those living in the household. It’s important to keep your carpets and furniture free of allergens, particularly if you or your loved ones suffer from asthma, allergies or breathing problems. A professional carpet clean can remove all trace of dust and allergens, sanitising your carpets and making your home a safe and healthy environment.

4. Eliminates odour

Even with regular vacuuming and stain treatments, the built-in grime and dirt can leave your carpet with an unpleasant odour – especially if you have young children or pets! Professional carpet cleaning companies often have their own methods of tackling tough odours and leaving your home smelling and looking fresh. Whether your pet has had a few accidents, or your toddler enjoys throwing food and drink around, a deep clean will leave your home looking and smelling as good as new.

Experienced & professional

At Clean & Dry Doncaster, we have been improving people’s carpets since 1988. Our carpet cleaning service takes care of everything, from the toughest stains to the most trodden down dirt, leaving your home looking and feeling brand new.

Is your carpet tainted by hard-to-remove stains? Or is it just in desperate need of a deep clean? It might be time to get the professionals in. But the question on everyone’s mind is how much this will set you back.

In truth, there are a number of different factors which affect the price – from the size of your carpets to the quality of the services. Read on as we explore the costs of carpet cleaning and which factors to take into consideration when pricing things up…

Getting an accurate quote

Some cleaners may quote “by-the-room”, providing what seems like a bargain rate. Unfortunately, this doesn’t typically include hidden costs like travel charges and moving furniture. Translation? The bargain deal is often too good to be true. This “Bait and Switch” technique is unfortunately far too common, the company lure you in with a price that is hard to resist, only to change the deal when they arrive for the appointment. Once the job is booked and the carpet cleaner is at your property pressure is put on for you to pay extra for the chemicals needed to do the job, the size of the room being larger than expected, the room being an irregular size which means that more time is needed etc.

Instead, professional carpet cleaners know that home inspections are needed before they can provide a price. They want to check the fabric, fibre type and colour fastness. During a home inspection, professionals will also be able to assess the size of the carpet. Understandably, the larger the space, the more you can expect to pay.

With this information they can offer you a free and fixed, no obligation quote.

The quality of the cleaning

The price of professional carpet cleaning also depends on the quality of cleaning you require. Anyone can use a vacuum or DIY carpet shampoo, but more often than not these won’t produce the high-quality results.

Deep cleaning carpets whether at home or at your office takes skill. That’s why when pricing up professional cleaners you need to take into consideration how much training the technicians have. Specially trained carpet cleaning businesses will follow industry standards – which means they deliver quality results every time.

With professionals, your carpet receives a deep clean without using any harsh chemicals or gallons of water. This doesn’t just clean the surface level, but also removes allergens, bacteria and dirt. Ideally, look for a company that is a member of The National Carpet Cleaners Association. This will give you total peace of mind that the company is trained, insured, trusted and accredited.

The value of professional carpet cleaning

Another thing to consider when comparing carpet cleaning quotes is the value of a professional job. Having your carpets cleaning thoroughly will revitalise them, keeping them bright and fresh for longer. In the long run, you’ll find that it saves you money as you won’t need to replace your carpets.

With carpet cleaning, like many services, you often find you get what you pay for. The carpet cleaners with the best equipment, fully trained staff, professional chemicals, reviews and reputation will often charge more than less established businesses that can’t offer the same level of service. When deliberating the price of carpet cleaning or comparing quotes make sure you consider the overall value.

Looking to save a bit of money? Opt for cost-saving packages like the Moving Home or The Living Room package, which offer several treatments in one go or an economical treadways-only treatment.

Get a quote you can trust

There are all kinds of factors which affect the cost of carpet cleaning. For an accurate price, it’s best to get a quote from the professionals. Clean & Dry can provide just that. We offer thorough, hygienic carpet cleaning services in Doncaster with no hassle on your part and zero hidden costs.