Upholstery Cleaning Doncaster Review...


"Wayne was excellent never stopped. Kevin very helpful and polite. Excellent."


This was what Mrs Gilling of Skellow, DN6 said when we visited again recently.  We've been visiting Mrs Gilling since 1998 and this was Mrs gillings response to the question "Is there a particular reson you choose us to clean your furnishings?"

We have had the service before with excellent results.

Thank you for your valued custom Mrs Gilling.  Allan Jnr.

We leave every client a brief questionnaire and a FREEPOST envelope to return it in.  When Mrs Skeet returned hers recently she answer the question "How can we improve our service to you?" with "The existing service is excellent."
Mrs Skeet also commented  that the reason she had chosen us was "Because your reputation goes before you. Excellent service and results."
Mrs Skeet had never used us before but has asked us to remind her to have the carpets cleaned again in 18 months time, using our client reminder scheme.
If you'd like to experience "excellent service and results" you can call us any time to organise a free, no obligation quotation on 01302 349641 or email [email protected]