Carpet Cleaner Doncaster Review...


"I have always been delighted. I have always been very satisfied with all the cleaning done and the serviceman.  Have used Allan's team for years."


Upholstery Cleaning Doncaster Review...


"No hassle, easy and no fuss. Great staff and very helpful."


Carpet Cleaner Doncaster Review...


"High standards are always maintained.  Care & consideration given ie dust sheets laid down. Your service is consistently so good and totally trustworthy."


"Service was excellent. Even on a call back for a stain, your serviceman arrived during my lunch hour from work and completed the job within the hour, very efficiently.  A very friendly and polite serviceman.  Been satisfied with your service in the past."


"Excellent job. Polite serviceman."


"Excellent service.  Thank you. Very prompt response."


We've worked for Mary Llewellyn for over 20 years now and recently Mary did a video testimonial.  Please take a minute to hear what Mary had to say about our Carpet Cleaning in Doncaster.

If you'd like to experience that level of service please don't hesitate to call anytime.

Mrs Holt of Tickhill used us for the first time recently for carpet cleaning.  In her review on the questionnaire she said...

Completely satisfied with the work and service.  Will recommend.

Thank you Mrs Holt, your comments are appreciated.

Common Cleaning Misconception No.1


"I should wait as long as possible before having my carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaned."

This simply isn't true.  It's been shown that dust and dirt are abrasive, like sandpaper. Every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into the carpet fibres. The grit you can't vacuum out stays at the bottom of the carpet grinding away at the very base of the fibres, causing premature wear. An uncleaned carpet will not last as long as a regularly cleaned carpet. While vacuuming is essential, by itself, it’s simply not enough.
The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out.
Here is a graph from the IICRC (Now the CleanTrust Organisation) research on carpet maintenance.  You can clearly see the regular planned maintenance of carpets greatly increases their life.

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Mrs Barton of Tickhill has used us since 2006 and when used us recently said...

I am absolutely delighted with your cleaning results, clean & springy carpets.