Bringing home your new bundle of joy is a wonderful, exciting time for many parents. But it can also be a time of sleepless nights, with an abundance of visitors and an endless list of to-dos. The last thing you want to be worrying about during this precious time is how clean your home is.

Keep reading to discover our top 4 home cleaning tips for expecting parents…

1. Preparation is key

Trying to clean your home and get everything in order with a newborn for company is much harder than you may think. With visitors coming and going to meet the new family member, you may find yourself pressed for time. Or, when you do have a few spare minutes to yourself, cleaning your home is not high on the priority list. That’s why having everything in order before the baby arrives will make for a much easier, calmer transition into your new life with a newborn.

2. Accept help from others

Having a baby usually brings offers of help and advice from a range of family, friends and even strangers! Don’t be afraid to take people up on these offers. Any help you can get during the first few weeks can be life-saving. If you feel comfortable doing so, perhaps ask family members if they would do a quick once-over of your house, or most-used rooms, while you’re giving birth, so you can bring your baby back to a clean home.

3. Focus on certain areas

If cleaning the entire house feels overwhelming for you and your expecting family, try to focus on key areas instead. The living room, nursery and the kitchen are often the most-used rooms in the house during the first few weeks of a new baby’s life. Making sure these areas are clean and sanitised, as well as making room for all your new supplies, is a great way to make bringing home a new baby less stressful.

4. Hire a professional

There are a lot of basic chores you, your partner and family can tackle yourselves. But, when it comes to making sure your carpets, flooring and furniture are clean, sanitised and ready for a newborn, a professional cleaner is the best option. While you’re preparing for the baby, or even in hospital giving birth, the professionals can get to work on your home, getting rid of pesky germs, making everything spotless and leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Clean & Dry Doncaster can help

Clean & Dry’s ‘Welcome New Baby Home’ package can leave your home clean, fresh and safe for your new bundle of joy. With carpet sanitisers, thorough deep cleans and stain protectors, our cleaning team will help you to prepare for this exciting stage in life.