Sue from Bessacarr contacted us, so can we?


That depends on a number of factors.  Things such as carpet construction, how much soot there is and has it penetrated into the carpet backing all play a part.

The No. 1 rule is DO NOT WET, OR BRUSH the soot
until you've followed these steps...

  1. Use the nozzel on your vacuum cleaner to remove the thickest of the soot.  If you can avoid touching the soot, or the carpet, just use the vacuum hovered above it.
  2. Apply Baking Soda powder to the area to completely cover the affect area. Gently brush this into the carpet, don't scrub, and leave for 30-40 minutes.  This will absorb the soot.
  3. Vacuum the carpet again, using just the nozzel as before.  This should remove the thickest of the soot.
  4. Apply Baking Soda for a second time, brush it in and leave again for 30-40 minutes.
  5. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet, preferably with an upright vacuum with brushes.
  6. If the mark still remains try using a dry cleaning solvent by applying the solvent to a towel and blotting the carpet.  Change the towel frequently and NEVER apply the solvent directly to the carpet.
  7. Once the worst of the stain is out you can use "Soda Water" by gently pouring onto the area and blotting out with a thick towel.  It's best to fold the towel quite thick, place it over the stain and then stand on the towel.  The pressure will cause the fizzyness to release the stain.  Alternatively use something like our World Famous Spot Remover PF, which uses the same fizzing action to clean, with added ingredients to help.  You can even get a 5oz Sample can for Free.

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