Remedies for pets over Christmas

Make the Holidays fun for your pets too...

Increased visitors, unexpected guests and a change to the normal routine over the hectic holiday season can change a pet’s normal routine and increase their stress level. For a pet that's used to following a regular routine, the holidays can become a very stressful time.
Unfortunately for homeowners, one of the first symptoms of a “stressed-out” pet is often unexpected and an accident indoors. With the potential for the 'expected' spills and stains that come with holiday entertaining, the last thing pet owners want or need is a pet stain to clean up and the potential lingering odour that comes with it.
Here's what we recommend for pet lovers to ensure a joyful and accident-free holiday season with their furry companions:

  • Create a safe space for pets away from the crowd that includes toys, their bed and other familiar items like food and a water bowl to help decrease anxiety.
  • Stick to a familiar schedule as much as possible and limit the amount of changes pets are exposed to by taking walks and feeding them at the regular times.
  • Pet-proof the home by keeping holiday decorations, electrical cords, food, alcoholic beverages, and holiday plants out of reach to avoid stressful trips to the vet.

When accidents do occur, it is vital to act quickly to remove the stains.

Here are some remedies for removing pet urine and odour to preserve both carpets and a home health.
Our 'Pongo' Pet Odour Remover. For improved results over home remedies, try our 'Pongo' product which eliminates fresh pet urine odours and stains at the source.
Professional cleaning. For older or severe pet urine issues, you can contact us to come into your home and provide their revolutionary Pongo deodorising service to eliminate pet urine odours right at the source.

If you need any help or advice just call us...