Vacuuming is essential for maintaining your carpets, but did you know that vacuum cleaners can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can be blown back into the air while vacuuming?
Many people believe that replacing carpets with hard floors resolves this problem of air, but that's not actually the case.  Your carpet actually acts like a filter, so when dust settles the carpet it is trapped in the fibres until it is vacuumed out.  Whereas, when dust settle on hard flooring it sits loose on the surface and is easily disturbed and redistributed in to air by normal foot traffic and general drafts in the room.  The dust, pollens and bacteria on a hard floor becoming airborne much easier than they do from carpeting, making carpeting a better choice to improve indoor air quality.  However, using a vacuum cleaner and not maintaining it can have just the same as having hard floors where the particulate materials become airborne easily.  So how can you enjoy your carpet and protect the indoor air environment?
Tip 1 – Empty your vacuum cleaner regularly
If your vacuum cleaner has a bag be sure to replace it regularly, even if it's not actually full yet, changing it at least once a month. This will ensure that any bacteria that has been picked up is not breading in the dust bag just waiting to be recirculated into the room. It can be difficult to decipher when to change a vacuum cleaner bag, but as a general rule, replace it when it's 2/3 full will ensure maximum extraction power and  an efficient clean every time. Modern bagless vacuum cleaners should ideally be emptied after every use. However tedious this may seem, this ensures that dust and bacteria are no longer in your home. Empty the canister outside, and a quick clean once a week with a safe non-toxic disinfectant spray will help.
Tip 2 – Professionally clean your carpets regularly
A regular professional carpet clean by us will ensure that 99.99% of bacteria are banished from your home. Our 'The Natural' formula is safe and non-toxic, leaving you knowing that you are creating the safest and healthiest possible environment for you and your family – Dirt is lifted and extracted from your carpet rather that being forced deeper into the carpet. You can choose from our Clean Only Service or our Clean & Protect Service, which has all the benefits of a Clean and Dry clean with our industry leading Repel Protectant™. Your carpets will stay cleaner vacuum more efficiently leaving carpet cleaner for up to 40% longer, and stains will be easier to remove, thanks to the quick drying, invisible protective barrier.
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