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What's lurking in YOUR carpet?

The House Dustmite.

Research done on behalf of the Carpet Manufacturers Association showed that, contrary to popular belief, indoor air quality is improved by installing carpets. The reason is that the carpet acts as a filter and traps household dust instead of allowing it to rise into the air we breathe at every tiny disturbance. This only works until the ‘filter’ becomes clogged. Vacuuming three or four times per week with a machine fitted with a HEPA filter is recommended with deep cleaning every six to twelve months to remove the embedded pollutants.
So what does get into your carpets and furnishings? Virtually anything and everything! Outdoor air and dust contains pollen, mould spores, fungus, viruses, bacteria, pet dander, toxic chemicals and fumes and a host of other pollutants. Unfortunately, it is impractical to totally prevent these from entering our homes. They come in naturally as the air changes and we carry them in on our clothing and shoes and even in our hair and on our skin. Add the indoor problems of house dust mites, dropped food crumbs, cooking fumes, loose hair and dead skin cells and you start to get an idea of the things we live with every day.
If your carpets and furnishing are vacuumed and deep cleaned regularly it will safely remove the trapped pollutants and improve your indoor air quality. If they are allowed to accumulate they can start to smell and may even become a health hazard.

Why Carpets ARE the Healthy Option...

Pollutants are trapped by the carpet instead of wafting freely into the air we breathe.  Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning keeps the ‘filter’ working efficiently and our air cleaner and healthier.
According to the National Asthma Campaign, 80% of asthma sufferers react to house dust mites and “… the house dust mite can actually cause asthma in the first place” (Asthma News, spring 2000). It isn’t the mites that cause the reaction but their faeces. Fortunately, the droppings are water soluble and proper cleaning with water can remove the problem. More recent research suggests that eczema can also be aggravated by house dust mites.
The biggest problem area for dust mites is, of course, bedding and mattresses. The bedding is washed frequently of course, but it may be worth considering having mattresses deep cleaned once or twice each year to remove the dust mite allergens.

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