When Mrs Lejk of Wheatley Hills returned her questionnaire the response to the question ‘Was there any particular reason you chose us to clean your furnishings?’ was just that “Good reputation.”  She also said…

“The job was done promptly, efficiently, well and the result was excellent.”

We leave every customer a brief questionnaire and a Freepost envelope to return it in.  We want to be sure everything is okay once the areas have dried completely and you’ve had chance to thoroughly inspect the areas.  Mrs Lejk’s response was typical of the returned questionnaires we receive.  Occasionally we under perform (we’re human) and any negative comments are followed up quickly to resolve any issue.  We’re a locally based family firm, and all our team are local people, we want to do the best job possible.  If we fail we ask you to tell us.  See our No Quibble Guarantee>>


Written by Allan Simmons

Allan Simmons

We're a local family run business owned by Allan Simmons Jnr with 30 years experience. If you're looking for clean, brighter and fresh smelling furnishings we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. Connect with Allan on Linkedin >>

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