Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Minimum membership length is six months after the initial clean and then six months after each annual deep clean has been done.  No refunds of 'unused' monthly payments will be made, but we're happy to transfer any balance to another property, or different items or areas, just ask.  We just need one months notice to cancel.

Free can of Spot Remover will be left after your first clean.  This is to be used by you to remove spills and stains before calling us out to treat stains.  This will remove the vast majority of stains, no problem.  If you are unable to remove stains with the Spot remover you can call us out and we will arrange to visit free of charge, within normal working hours and within a few days, and attempt to remove the stain using Spot remover.  If the stain can be removed with just Spot remover we will charge a nominal £20 fee.  If we need to use other specialist products there will be no charge.  We only approve the use of our Spot Remover, as other products can break down the protection treatment and make removal impossible.  While you are a member of the Perfect Care Plan you can buy Spot remover from us at a discounted price through our website, or by phone. If we are unable to remove the stain we will provide a letter for your contents insurer to state we have tried to remove the stain without success and can now only recommend replacement of the carpet, this saves you a £65 report fee.

Free 'Hi-Lite' Clean is a clean only process on the usually visible treadways of the carpet using our maintenance clean method - 'spray and buff'.  We do not move any furniture.