With an estimated 51 million pets living in the UK, it’s clear that we’re a nation of animal-lovers. With the loyalty, companionship and enjoyment that a pet brings to our lives, however, comes mess, stains and bacteria.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to balance a clean carpet and happy pet – or pets. But it is possible. Read on for our handy pet-friendly, carpet cleaning guide…

Keep their paws clean

Dogs need walking at least once a day, while cats wander freely in and out of your home. All this coming and going can bring dirt and grime from the outdoors inside, dirtying your carpets and spreading germs.

Keep a towel near your front or back door, cleaning your pets’ paws when they re-enter the house. They probably won’t thank you for it, but will grow used to this routine, learning that they can’t come back inside until their feet are clean.

Add a protective walkway

Whether it’s a doormat or a tile entrance, having a barrier between the great outdoors and your clean carpets can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping things clean. Doormats absorb water, dirt and mud from mucky paws, preventing the dirt from getting into your home.

Place an absorbent doormat in front of each doorway that your pets use to come and go, making sure to clean it as and when is necessary.

Tackle stains quickly

Toilet training your pet can be a messy and tiring process, for you and your carpet. Until your cat or dog has nailed going to the bathroom outdoors, its important that you’re on the ball with stain removal.

If your pet has an accident, remove any excess from the area before blotting it clean. Use a white vinegar solution to keep odours at bay. Without removing those odours, your pets may continue to return to the same spot.

Call the professionals

If you’ve tried everything, and your carpet is still looking and smelling less than impressive, it may be time to give the professionals a call. Vacuuming quite simply isn’t enough. Pet hair, residue dirt, odours and bacteria can still continue to accumulate within your carpet.

We recommend regular professional cleans, to get rid of the deep, built-up dirt and hair lingering within your carpet. Clean & Dry provide a complete carpet cleaning service in Doncaster to keep your home, and your pets, happy and clean. Our friendly team will restore your carpets in no time, with great value cleaning packages for every need.