Miss Leaney of Bessacarr  was so delighted with the carpet cleaning we did for her.  In her review she said:

"I am very pleased with the service provided, the serviceman was very friendly and polite and worked quickly & professionally. My carpets were left beautifully clean with a pleasant fragrance. 100% satisfaction - Thank you!"

Miss Leaney, Bessacarr

TOP TIP #2- Lily pollen on a your carpet?

If you've been unlucky enough to get lily pollen on your carpet be very careful not to press it into the carpet fibres.  Also, don’t let the pollen get wet!

Grab a roll of sticky tape and gently place it over the pollen.  Using a new piece of tape every time, continue with this until all the pollen is removed.

You can prevent it happening again by snipping out the stamens of the lily before it comes into full bloom.  Catch them on a plate or similar and dispose of them, better safe than sorry.

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